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In the School of Education (SOE) at UNC Greensboro, we are dedicated to global engagement. Our dedication to global engagement is supported by the SOE Global initiative, which is a network of resources and services specifically designed to help promote and facilitate global engagement in the SOE. Resources and Services provided by SOE Global include:

  1. Connecting local and international students, faculty, and staff
  2. Supporting study abroad experiences for SOE faculty and students
  3. Providing resources and networking opportunities to degree-seeking international students, visiting students, and international scholars
  4. Offering the SOE Pathways program to enhance the academic English preparedness for incoming graduate students from different linguistic backgrounds.  

Activities and functions of SOE Global is overseen by the SOE International Committee. The Committee is comprised of faculty, staff and students representing various SOE units and offices. The Committee organizes one SOE International Social every semester and supports university-wide international activities such as the International Festival and International Education Week. The committee also manages the Smiley Global Education Ambassador award to recognize excellence among SOE students who actively participate in internationalization efforts.