Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT), concentration in Middle Grades

The Middle Grades program at UNCG prepares future teachers for North Carolina licensure in Middle Grades (grades 6-9) through an essential understanding of Middle Grades students and schools, rigorous content-area knowledge, and exemplary teaching practices.

Career Opportunities

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Program Contact

Beverly S. Faircloth, Ph.D.
484 School of Education Building


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Example Careers:

Middle-grades teacher (English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies)

Designed For

The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) is designed for candidates who have a Bachelor’s Degree in a field other than education and who wish to seek initial teaching licensure. MAT programs are designed for full time students and include required internships and student teaching placements with partnership schools in the area.

Career Opportunities

The MAT program in Middle Grades Teaching is designed for full time students and will include a required internship and student teaching placement with a partnership school in the area. There are also opportunities for service in programs and centers serving local middle grades students, as well as workshops designed to strengthen each candidate’s understanding and skill.

Research Interests

Faculty members associated with the Middle Grades program conduct research in a wide range of topics. These include: equity in science education; student culture/identity and learning; professional development in math education; educational psychology; sociocultural lens on learning; student belonging; teaching politics; and online education.

Program of Study

Total hours: 39 hours

Core courses:

  • TED 669 Educational Implications of Learning and Developmental Theory (3) or approved substitute•
  • TED 545 Diverse Learners, (3), or TED 646-‐ Intro to Equity Education (3), or approved substitute
  • ERM 605 Educational Measurement and Evaluation, (3) or ERM 604 Methods of Educational Research (3), or an approved substitute.

Additional courses:

  • TED 535 Literacy in Content Areas (3)
  • TED 626 Middle Grades Curriculum and Instruction (3)
  • TED 634 Seminar in Middle Grades Education (3 – with internship) or TED 622 with advisor approval
  • 6 hours content with advisement
  • 3 hours methods with advisement
  • TED 650 (3) The Interaction of Classroom Management & Instruction
  • TED 680a (6) Clinical Experience in Teaching
  • TED 680b (3) Clinical Experience in Teaching

Minimum Program Requirements

Applicants must have completed a Bachelors degree program in a subject other than education, including a course in each of the following:

  • One composition course
  • One literature course
  • One science course
  • One social science course
  • One course in US history
  • One math course (college algebra)
  • One course in world affairs
  • One health course
  • Other

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