M.Ed. in Teacher Education, concentration in Elementary Education

The Master of Education (MEd) in Teacher Education can be taken on a full-time or part-time basis. The Elementary MEd program is guided by the North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards and emphasizes 21st century thinking and skills. A culminating electronic portfolio based on these standards is a program requirement for graduation and for recommending advanced license. The program is oriented toward improving results in teaching practice, as well as gaining critical knowledge, skills, and dispositions in action research, professional development, leadership, and working successfully to improve the achievement of diverse learners in elementary schools.

Career Opportunities

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Teacher Education and Higher Education (TEHE)


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Career Enhancements

  • Acquire deeper pedagogical knowledge,
  • Practice action research in educational contexts,
  • Improve alignment between assessment and instruction

Designed For

Practicing teachers who have an undergraduate degree in Education and an initial teaching license for elementary grades K-6, plus a minimum of one year experience as a classroom teacher.

Career Opportunities

Advanced knowledge in teaching which could lead to mentoring and other leadership opportunities depending upon the requirements of your school district

Research Interests

Research interests include understanding how school culture is constructed and develops over time, teaching toward social justice with young learners, and critical pedagogical practices enacted with pre-service and practicing teachers.

Program of Study

Total hours: 33

Core (9 hours)

  • TED 669 Educational Implications of Learning and Developmental Theory, or TED 622 Differentiated Instruction, or approved substitute TED 545 Diverse Learners
  • TED 545 Diverse Learners, or TED 646 Intro to Equity Education, or approved substitute
  • ERM 605 Educational Measurement and Evaluation, or ERM 604 Methods of Educational Research, or approved substitute

Additional Courses

Pedagogical Expertise (18 hours any six courses to be selected from the following lists with advisement)

  • Possible Literacy courses in TED: Word Study-TED 614; Writing Inst. In Elem/Middle Grades-TED 640; Literacy in the Early Years-TED 615; Literacy Instruction for ELLs-TED 603. NOTE: Most of these courses will be F2F.
  • Possible Mathematics methods courses in TED: Problem Solving-TED 664; Online Elementary Math courses; e.g., Data Analysis & Measurement; Algebraic Reasoning; etc.
  • Possible ESL, Science, or Social Studies courses in TED: ESL courses: TED 523, TED 603, TED 618; Environmental Ed-TED 623; Social Studies Methods-TED 520
  • Other TED courses recommended: Differentiated Instruction-TED 622 or TED 669 if not taken in the core; TED 628 Trends & Issues- (NOTE: The topic of this course changes. Taking TED 628 that focus on different trends/issues is allowed); Classroom Management-TED 650.
  • Other courses in TED, ELC, LIS, or SES with advisement.

Professional Development/Leadership (6 hours – TED 676 is a pre-requisite for TED 677)

  • TED 676 (3) Teacher As Researcher/Leader I (Fall only)
  • TED 677 (3) Teacher As Leader/Researcher II (Spring only)

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